silver service package

Comprehensive Care

silver service package

This package is a comprehensive set of annual home care services that is designed to keep your home in optimal condition year after year, providing you with the peace of mind that the unique needs of your home are being met.

The following list highlights the home maintenance services that were performed on a quarterly basis by Gold Seal Services to proactively care for and protect your home. Additional a-la-carte services can also be organized on an ongoing basis.

  • Annual Exterior Evaluation & Report
  • Quarterly HVAC Filter Change
  • Gutter Cleaning, Three Times Annually
  • Seasonal Opening/Winterizing Of Hose Bibs
  • Quarterly Top-Off of Water Softener
  • Quarterly Check Of Sinks, Clean Aerators, & Snake, If Needed
  • Annual Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Code & Function Check
  • Annual Security Light Check & Bulb Replacement
  • Annual Inspection Of Dryer Vent & Cleaning Of Trap
  • Quarterly Test Of Electrical Outlets (GFCI) For Safety

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