waterfront home service package

Comprehensive Care

waterfront home service package

This package is meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of homeowners residing in idyllic waterfront properties. It goes beyond standard home maintenance to address the specialized requirements of living by the water. From routine upkeep tasks to safeguarding against the effects of waterfront living, our Waterfront Home Service Package ensures that your home remains in pristine condition year-round. Trust us to keep your waterfront oasis in tip-top shape, so you can fully enjoy the beauty of coastal living without the worry.

The following list highlights the home maintenance services that were performed on a quarterly basis by Gold Seal Services to proactively care for and protect your home. Additional a-la-carte services can also be organized on an ongoing basis.

Spring Upkeep

  • Open Home & Dock Hose Supply
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Seasonal Yard Cleanup
  • Power Wash Masonry Terraces & Decks
  • Set Up & Clean Patio Furniture
  • Evaluate Outdoor Decks & Dock Conditions
  • Clean Gas Grill For Outdoor Cooking
  • Replace Burned Out Exterior Lightbulbs

Fall Upkeep

  • Winterize Home & Dock Hose Supply
  • Install Anti-Freeze Solution In Dock Line, As Needed
  • Two Gutter Cleanings
  • Two Leaf Cleanups
  • Move Patio Furniture To Storage

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